Alder Smoked Salmon

Alder Smoked Salmon

Most kids grow up eating jell-o, snickers and doritos.

At my house I grew up eating smoked salmon and caviar. While it sounds like we grew up rich we weren’t. What really happened is that my grandfather grew up in Ukraine and learned early on how to prepare fish.

He escaped across Russian and into China when he was in his early 20′s. He worked in Shanghai until he had saved enough money to travel by ship to the US to the port of Seattle. My grandfather, Alexander Greenwich (originally Grenevich)  graduated from the University of Washington – College of Fishery in 1928.

He and two friends realized how cheap salmon was in Seattle. Not only that but the fish eggs were discarded and thrown back in the bay.  They created a business called The Siberian Fish Company and began packing salmon eggs in wooden kegs and shipping them back east to Jewish delicatessens.

They decided in 1937 to move down to San Francisco and open a branch there calling the company Delicatessens Supply Company.  They thrived in the Bay Area and eventually became the Alroy Packing Company.

By the time I arrived on the scene my grandfather had sold the company and retired to the north valley of California. As a small child I did get to see him make smoked salmon and black caviar on our small farm. It wasn’t odd or strange to me and I was fascinated by the entire process. We dined on smoked salmon on triscuits every Sunday at our family dinner and the caviar came out at special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

I miss his lovely Russian lilt and I definitely miss his culinary delights that he shared with our family when I was a child.

I still crave salmon and a few months ago I discovered that the Grocery Outlet had Alaska Smokehouse Naturally Wild Smoked Salmon on their shelves.

While searching for a quick & healthy lunch this afternoon I discovered a box waiting for me at the back of the cupboard. Just seeing the box left me traveling back through memories of the time spent with my grandfather and dining on freshly smoked salmon.

It’s 100% natural with no preservatives and tastes absolutely delicious.  I enjoyed it with some organic capers, meyer lemon picked fresh from our tree along with some Mary’s Gone Crackers. It was the perfect lunch.

When you next pop into Grocery Outlet, be on the lookout for this fabulous salmon. Make sure to stock up on this natural health food so that you don’t miss out.

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One Response to Alder Smoked Salmon

  1. Dave says:

    cant believe grocery outlet has such a great product. That will make me take a second look at their stores.

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